Classes / Pricing


Private Online one-on-one Live Lessons:

     Cello       Violin       Piano    Guitar

Online Live classes 60min $255/month+GST

Online Live classes 30min $155/month+GST

    (beginners ages 5 or younger only)

Instrument rental $52.50/month

Summer lessons

Online Live class 60min $60+GST per class.

Online Live class 30min $30+GST per class.

Open for registered students and public.

Anyone can try few classes before deciding to enrol in September. There is no monthly tuition for summer classes. All lessons are prepaid and non refundable. There are NO makeup lessons for any reason.

Gift Certificates $210+GST

The best gift ever!

Excellent way to surprise someone or just to try out one or all instruments and see if music classes are right choice for you before registering for full year!

Virtual Concert is free 

Great opportunity for all students to participate in the concert regardless where you live. Virtual concert is for all registered students to share their talent.

Why my students claim that online lessons are better than in person lessons?

-You can be at work, they will not miss the class

-You can have a business travels knowing that class won’t be missed.

-Students are never late for your class.

-You will really have 60 minutes of quality lesson. Every minute you payed will be transformed into learning. In person lessons are having shorter learning time because teachers are waiting for students to get undressed, take instruments out of the case, set up instruments, books, tune instruments ... ask your child to set up for the class and watch how they take their time. Plus they have to do the same at the end of their class. Now ask yourself how much quality time they have in winter when fingers and instruments are cold. Add to it “may I use the washroom?” time, and “I forgot book at home” and rethink where did your money go.

-You never miss your lesson when you feel sick.

-You save money gas as you don’t need to drive to the classroom anymore.

-You can record your class.

-You can be at your vacation home /RV and still have your lesson.

-Prices of the local teachers are too high ... and they have less qualifications.

-Borders are not a problem anymore. We book at the time that fits both the  student and the teacher regardless of where you may live.

-You are always playing on your own instrument.

-Online students are successfully passing remote/online RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) Exams! My online students win gold on remote and in-person exams.

-Lesson starts right away, no more wasting time to unpack your instrument, tune it, and waiting for your fingers to warm up. You play the full hour and you don’t have to cut your class time in order to pack your instrument back in its case.

All books and music can be bought online. All of our programs, prices, contracts and closures are here for you.

If you are unable to drive to local music teacher or travel too often to dedicate yourself to in-person classes at a studio, think online!

I will provide classes that will help you or your child excel in music and I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to teach you!

Feel free to e-mail me to start your music journey!

Private one-on-one online live lessons with a real teacher ranked The Best Teacher in Canada and The Best Business in Canada!

Three virtual classrooms:

FaceTime, Google Meet, and Skype. Our Skype name is “Music Classroom”.  Don’t worry, your children already knows how to use them.

The best business in Canada in years 2024, 2023, 2022, and 2021.

Awarded by CBRB - Canadian Business Review Board