Virtual Concerts


Welcome to our online Music Community!

Virtual concert is open for all Calgary students, BC, USA and European students. Finally you can all participate in the same event!

Concerts will be held online on the private FaceBook group
“Virtual Concert Mima and Cello Music School”. This is a formal event, so please try and where something formal (e.g. suit and tie, a dress).


1) You will have to open your Facebook account first.

2) Please go to the main menu on your FaceBook page and search for the group

    “Virtual Concert Mima and Cello Music School”’.

3) Ask to join virtual concert group.

4) Upload all your videos.

IMPORTANT: Only members of this group will be allowed to see our concert. Videos, posts, comments or any other activity inside our group is NOT visible to the public.


Any electronic device can work well. Camera, Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Cell phone etc.

Make sure the recording doesn’t cut the beginning or the ending of your performance.

Ensue that your video is recorded in good lighting.

Smile and bow before and after your performance.

I have received an e-mail from RCM on how to record a concert. Here is the link, click here to read it.


Do not try to make a replica of our regular concerts. Do something that you wouldn’t be able to make on stage, it’s your virtual presentation of your successes, so make it your own way!

For example, you can decorate your instrument and position your camera in different angles for a “cool” effect. Do it your way, use your imagination. Go for it !!!



you can play from your book.

you can decorate your instrument.

your dog can be in the video (or any pet).

your mom can play with you (if she wants).

you can record with the play along CD.

you can play more than one piece.

you can record your own composition.

play any piece regardless how long it is. The virtual concert has no time limitation.

you can play more instruments if your teacher approves.

you can record your exam piece.

you can record in front of green screen.

it is allowed to sit in front your Christmas Tree.

sure, you can record only your fingers playing on the piano keys.


you can’t record pieces you already played on any other concert.

no, two students can’t record the same peace on the same instrument.

you cannot record a piece that was not approved by your teacher.

no pieces from last year allowed.

no recordings with loud noise in the background, we want to hear only you play.

no videos in PJ’s (goes with the formal etiquette)

you don’t have to memorize your pieces.

scales, arpeggios and finger exercises are not pieces, only pieces can be uploaded.

NO, you don’t have to buy a new dress.

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