‘Mima and Cello’ Online Music School


Classroom message number: 403-399-2255

Private one-on-one online live lessons with a real teacher ranked The Best Teacher in Canada and The Best Business in Canada!

Three virtual classrooms:

FaceTime, Google Meet, and Skype. Our Skype name is “Music Classroom”.  Don’t worry, your children already knows how to use them.

The best business in Canada in years 2023, 2022, and 2021.

Awarded by CBRB - Canadian Business Review Board


You can start and quit lessons whenever you want. There are no obligations to continue if you don’t like it. There will be no hidden fees. I do not push any student into exams, competitions or auditions, unless if you ask for it. It is up to you to decide if you want recreational classes or if you prefer “old school” learning methods. Students can switch to learn different instruments anytime. I do not send weekly emails, group messages, newsletters or texts. I will contact you only when your attention is needed.

I will never ask you to sign “practicing contract” (private teachers ask parents to sign contract where you will be obligated to make sure student practice everyday). As a professional teacher, performer and mother of three children, I strongly believe that teacher has to teach students to love instruments. Once we love something, we don’t need to be reminded to practice.

Three virtual classrooms, multiple cameras and professional microphone are used for exceptional results. Don’t worry, your kids already knows how to use them all. While on their electronics, let them learn to play a new instrument.